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Basic Information

Facade is the outer wall of the building. It is hung like a curtain, so it is also called a hanging wall. It is a lightweight wall with decorative effects commonly used in modern large and high-rise buildings.

Exterior glass facade is divided into hidden frame glass facade and open frame glass facade and point glass facade.


1. Features of hidden frame glass facade: material saving and convenient construction.

2. The characteristics of the clear frame glass facade: the clear frame glass facade is the most traditional form, which not only has a large amount of application, a wide range of applications, but also has stable and reliable performance.

3. Point glass facade, the full name of metal support structure point glass facade, is composed of glass panels, electronic support devices and support structures. Point glass facade is favored by users because of its stability of steel structure, lightness of glass and precision of machinery.


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It is widely used in office buildings, tourist hotels, star-rated hotels, large commercial buildings, nightclubs, art galleries, museums, exhibition centers and other buildings with high decorative standards.