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Vacuum Glass: Is it the future?

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Advancements in glass technology have revolutionized the way architects address the perennial challenge of balancing natural light with insulation in buildings. Among the array of high-performance glazing solutions available today, Vacuum Glazing stands out for its unparalleled thermal efficiency.

Unlike traditional insulated glass panels which rely on gas cavities, Vacuum Glazing utilizes a vacuum gap between two glass panes to serve as the thermal barrier. This absence of gas particles eliminates heat transfer, resulting in significantly enhanced insulation compared to argon or krypton-filled insulated glass units (IGUs).

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With Vacuum Glazing, Ug values as low as 0.4 W/m2K can be achieved, a feat previously attainable only with quadruple glazing featuring multiple gas cavities. However, the innovative design of vacuum glazing allows for a much thinner glass unit, making it a compelling option for restoration projects or installations requiring high thermal insulation.

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Advantages of Vacuum Glazing:

1. Ideal for heritage buildings with limited depth for glass units.

2. Achieves Ug values of 0.4 W/m2K.

3. Provides 15% greater light transmission compared to triple glazing.

4. Offers a sleek design, being 10 times thinner than quadruple glazing.

5. Maintains thermal performance regardless of installation angle.

When comparing Vacuum Glazing to triple glazing, its superior insulation performance coupled with a thinner profile makes it an attractive alternative.

However, there are considerations when contemplating the use of Vacuum Glazing for a project. Currently, maximum pane sizes are limited to 2.4m by 1.45m, which may not align with the requirements of larger modern architectural glazing projects. Additionally, the bespoke nature of vacuum glass production and limited availability may impact the cost-effectiveness of smaller orders.

As demand grows and research progresses, we anticipate further advancements in vacuum insulated glass technology. It's essential to consult with experienced glazing professionals or engineers to assess the suitability and limitations of Vacuum Glazing for specific projects.If you have any needs of Vacuum Glass,contact us to get more info.

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