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Empowering Communities, Inspiring Change

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In an unwavering dedication to fostering positive change, YANYI and the YANYI Corporate Foundation proudly announce a remarkable milestone in their collective impact on communities. 

In the year 2023, a staggering ¥1.4 million has been donated to various non-profit organizations, championing causes related to housing, education, hunger relief, and healthcare.

But the commitment doesn't end with financial contributions. YANYI takes pride in the active involvement of its employees in shaping a brighter future for communities. 

In 2023 alone, YANYI employees passionately dedicated over 16,000 volunteer hours to various causes close to their hearts.


Group Volunteer Grants: A Catalyst for Change

YANYI's 'Group Volunteer Grants' program stands as a testament to the company's belief in recognizing and rewarding the time and talent invested by its employees. 

Through this initiative, YANYI employees not only contribute meaningfully to causes they care about but also earn grants that further amplify the impact of their efforts.

The collaborative spirit within YANYI continues to inspire change and make a lasting impact. Through the generosity of both the organization and its employees, 

communities have been uplifted, and lives have been positively transformed.


As we reflect on our achievements in 2023, YANYI invites you to be part of our ongoing commitment to social responsibility. Together, we can create a world where compassion, dedication, 

and action lead to lasting change. Stay tuned for more updates on YANYI's community initiatives and the incredible stories of transformation that unfold.

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